EMA Silo Structural Inspections and Maintenance

EMA Structural Engineers Silos Inspection Services recommends regular inspection of concrete structures to ensure their safety. Marietta Silos recommends that all concrete storage silos be inspected every two to five years, depending on their condition and the amount of usage. If the silos are subject to extreme use, an annual inspection may be appropriate.
Following the silo structural inspections, a report documenting the inspector’s findings and listing any restoration recommendations will be issued. If repairs are necessary, Marietta Group can provide a proposal to complete the restoration through Marietta Silos or Marietta Inspection Services as appropriate.
ema silo structural inspections

Supplemental Silo Structural Inspection Texas & Louisiana

Our A.I. Supplemental Inspection changes the face of silo inspections by incorporating powerful artificial intelligence software and drone capture technology to allow faster, more accurate exterior inspections. Supplemental Silo  Inspection uses drone capture technology to obtain images and videos of the entire silo or bulk storage container exterior. This data is then processed, using proprietary software, into an interactive 3D model. Artificial intelligence (A.I.) algorithms identify damages or defects on the silo surface. Defect information, including type, measurement, and exact location, is then ranked in order of severity.
  • It can be used as a standalone, supplemental inspection service between regular inspections.
  • Highly accurate A.I. software can detect even minor defects (more minor than 0.1 mm) and map the precise location onto the captured silo image           for future examination
  • Faster crack and exterior defect mapping
  • Customers receive detailed PDFs with damage mapping analytics ranked by severity.
  • When used annually, it gives you a clear portfolio to track defect changes year by year and reduce liability from unexpected failures
EMA Silo Inspection Engineers

Basic – Level 1 Silo Structural Inspection

Under Level 1, an inspector will complete a thorough, basic inspection. We will:
  • Observe the walls, foundation, and roof from the ground or other locations as available.
  • If possible, observe the silo discharge area.
  • Level 1 +AI adds the A.I. Supplemental Inspection

Augmented – Level 2 Silo Structural Inspection

Level 2 inspection is a more thorough examination by a crew that includes all items listed in the Level 1 inspection as well as:
  • Sounding of the concrete for delamination
  • Non-destructive thickness testing of the exposed silo cone area
  • If possible, an inspection of the silo interior through the roof and wall openings
  • An interior inspection accomplished through vessel entry, as needed.
  • And if necessary, a silo design engineer can review the inspection findings.
  • Level 2  adds the A.I. Supplemental Inspection

Comprehensive – Level 3 Inspection

Inspection Level 3 will include Level 1 and Level 2 procedures along with:
  • Exterior and interior rigging to allow the inspector to observe the walls.
  • This level of inspection includes the services of a senior silo design engineer to observe the silo and make recommendations
  • Level 3 +AI adds the Supplemental Inspection
Regardless of the silo inspection level chosen, every effort will be made to determine the silo or concrete structure’s condition and identify problem areas. Following the silo inspection, a report documenting the inspector’s findings and listing any repair recommendations will be issued.

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