Milestone Inspection Vs. Structural Integrity Reserve Study

Milestone Inspections Vs. Structural Integrity Reserve Studies


What are some primary differences between the Phase 1 Milestone Inspection and Structural Integrity Reserve Study (SIRS)?

1. The Phase 1 Milestone Inspection is a structural inspection of a building’s primary structural systems, whereas the Structural Integrity Reserve Studies requires a visual inspection of the roof, load bearing walls or other primary structural members, floor, foundation, fireproofing and fire protection systems, plumbing, and any item with a deferred maintenance or replacement cost that exceeds $10,000.

2. Buildings that are three or more stories in height must have a “milestone inspection” of the buildings’ structural integrity when a building reaches 25 years of age or older and every 10 years thereafter if the building is located within three miles of a coastline, whereas condominium associations and cooperative associations must complete a structural integrity reserve study every 10 years for each building in an association that is three stories or higher in height.

3. The Milestone Inspection requires a phase two inspection if there is evidence of “substantial structural deterioration” as determined by a phase one inspection.

What are some similarities between the Milestone Inspection and the Structural Integrity Reserve Study (SIRS)?

1. Both inspections must be performed by a licensed Florida engineer or architect.

2. A developer must have a structural integrity reserve study completed for each building in the association that is three stories or more in height before turning over control of an association to the non-developer unit owners, and the developer’s turnover inspection report must comply with the milestone inspection requirements.

3. It is a breach of a board member or officer’s fiduciary duty if an association fails to complete a structural integrity reserve study or milestone inspection.

Here are some common questions about the newly instituted Florida Structural Integrity Reserve Studies:

1. Who must complete a Structural Integrity Reserve Study?

  1. Must be completed for buildings three (3) stories or higher in height every ten years and completed by December 31, 2024, for associations existing on or before July 1, 2022, which unit owners control.

2. Are developers required to perform this study?

  1. Developers must perform this study before turning the association over to unit owners.

3. Who can perform the reserve study?

  1. May be performed by any person qualified to perform such study. However, the visual inspection portion of the study must be performed by a licensed engineer/architect.

4. What should the Structural Reserve Study Include?

  1. Must identify the common areas being visually inspected, state the remaining expected useful life and replacement costs, and provide a recommended annual reserve amount that achieves the replacement or deferred maintenance costs of elements being visually inspected by the end of remaining useful life.
  2. Regarding reserves, the amount reserved for an item will be determined by the most recent structural integrity reserve study.

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